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About Us

Meaning “Candle” in Spanish and French and inspired by the local Thai phrase “Same Same”, Vela Bougie dedicates itself to making the world better by way of brighter. Its hand-poured trophies are as environmentally safe as they are delicious to the sense of smell. The wax used is the purest, consisting only of natural soybean––void of acidic endocrine disruptors such as phthalates, parabens and sulfates––that is infused with an array of the most premium fragrances and essential oils. The wick centerpieces are 100% cotton, putting a perfect bow on these eco-friendly gems.
The founder of Vela Bougie is Sharla Brown, a worldwide traveler, luxe lifestyle lover and self-proclaimed “candle snob.” The daughter of West Indian parents discovered her passion for wax pottery while homesick on a work assignment in China. It was on a holiday break in the U.S. when she sought to return to Asia with a candle that reminded her of home. This began an intense chemistry study.
The result: Vela Bougie Candle Company, a luxury candle line committed to the health and wellness of planet Earth and the tasteful humans whom occupy it.

When life is burning at both ends, make sure Vela Bougie is providing the flame